Nuclear Support Facilities

The complexities associated with designing and constructing facilities within a nuclear power site require advanced and extensive planning, as well as a strong focus on safety and security to maintain efficient power generation. These facility projects present a unique set of challenges that The Austin Company is experienced in handling successfully.

The Austin Company has provided services for the master planning, programming, design, engineering and building of multiple projects for several leading nuclear power companies. For a variety of support facilities both inside and outside the protected area, Austin provides productive, efficient and cost-effective solutions to the complex regulations, procedures and culture of the nuclear site environment.  

Austin’s experience within the protected area includes:

  • Maintenance Support Facilities
    • Machine and welding shops
    • Overhead cranes
    • Heavy equipment
    • General work areas
  • Controlled Access Area
    • Radiation protection
    • Operations
    • Outage control
    • Work control
    • Operational support
    • Chemistry

In addition, Austin has completed other projects within and outside the protected area for office buildings, FLEX buildings, central storage, contractor's offices, fabrication shops, and training centers.

Key aspects of Austin’s projects have included: design to sustain severe storm events and hurricane-force winds; seismic design; compliance with NRC regulations; considerations for adequate space and workflow; clean, isolated and DC power; security access and badging; HVAC/humidity; overhead cranes; and experience with locating and connection to existing underground utilities and fire protection systems.

Contact Eric Bockmuller for information: or 440.544.2600.