Healthcare & Hospitals

The Austin Company's Healthcare Division provides a dedicated team of professionals focused on providing planning, design, engineering and construction services for acute care hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

We Provide Building Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is under immense pressure to provide value-based and cost-effective delivery of healthcare services. The escalation of costs over the last several decades is unsustainable and is changing the face of healthcare, forcing the industry to refocus its goals.

Construction costs contribute to increasing healthcare costs. Lacking accountability and unpredictability of ultimate construction costs is prevalent. Healthcare executives today have less control over building costs than ever before. 

Results, not Excuses®

What is needed are Results, not Excuses®. Buildings should be delivered in a cost-efficient and predictable manner, providing the necessary information required early in the process to make the necessary decisions when they matter, giving you back control of your building project.

The Austin Company

The Austin Company has a proprietary system to accomplish just that. We developed our approach in 1904 and since then, The Austin Method® has been used to deliver thousands of building projects worldwide. By using The Austin Method®, the project scope, cost and schedule are developed early, allowing informed decisions before expending valuable time and resources. In short, it puts you back in control of your building project.

The construction process is also optimized by allowing earlier construction and pre-construction activities, resulting in shorter construction duration and increased cost savings.

The Austin Company is a time-tested and proven leader, planning, designing and constructing highly specialized and complex projects where maximum value, efficiency and dependable performance is demanded. Austin places a high regard on maximizing operational efficiencies, value-based design and solid engineering.

Austin provides Results, not Excuses®


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