Baking & Snack

The Austin Company’s unique approach to designing and building baking and snack facilities results in a highly efficient process that is fully integrated with the building itself.

Bakeries that truly integrate the building with the production equipment will successfully produce safe products of high quality at the lowest unit cost.

Our professionals have expertise in all aspects of bakery facility projects, including planning, equipment layout, process integration, architectural design, engineering, construction, equipment installation and project management. Austin’s bakery team specializes in production process planning and can also provide a broad spectrum of technical and plant start-up assistance.


Bakery Insights

Austin has the resources and expertise to help you in planning your next baking and snack production facility expansion or renovation. We share some of this expertise in our Bakery Insights articles, available in Downloads.

In addition, our Bakery Facility Decision Matrix is designed to help identify and review the pros and cons of various facility options. To help plan your next project, download Bakery Insights Issue 3 and a working copy of the Matrix.

Austin understands the unique requirements of bakery facilities and has the capability to integrate production process equipment and systems with mechanical, electrical and structural components. The result? A highly-successful facility that accommodates immediate and future requirements, ensuring a quick payback on the facility investment.

Watch this webinar to learn more: Introduction to Bakery Processes: From Concept Through Construction


Best Practices Bakery Planning Guide

Austin first introduced the concept of standardizing manufacturing facility design and construction more than 80 years ago.

Applying these principals and decades of experience to bakeries provides a range of Bakery Facility Best Practices from which bakery design and construction innovations can be best utilized and applied to meet your facility's unique requirements. 



Read more about Bakery Facility Best Practices:


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