The Austin Method®

The Austin Company offers multiple approaches in implementing a project. These generally can be classified into either a “design-bid-construct” or “design-build” project approach. In addition, Austin offers The Austin Method ®, which applies stringent project controls and combines the advantages of “design-bid-construct” and “design-build” approaches into a competitive-bid, cost-effective and accelerated-schedule project implementation.
Originated in 1904, The Austin Method ® is a proprietary, single-source integrated project delivery approach for the solution of complex and challenging facility demands. The Austin Method ® design-build approach provides a single-source solution for all facility planning, design, and construction services, and assumes undivided responsibility for budget, schedule and quality. Developed with you in mind, The Austin Method ® conserves two of the most precious project resources – time and money, through a comprehensive two-step process.
The information below describes how Austin implements projects using The Austin Method ®, or click on the image to the upper left to download a detailed informational brochure. 

Step One

Preliminary Design and Engineering

Austin works closely with you to review your project needs and assist with establishing the facility’s “Program of Requirements.” Here, Austin performs sufficient preliminary engineering to establish a definitive cost and schedule for the project. At the completion of Step 1, a very small percentage of the total project cost has been expended, yet the total cost and time at risk have been clearly quantified based on a mutually agreed upon scope of work.

In contrast, under other’s design-bid-build approaches, cost and schedule are not established until construction documents and bidding are complete. Similarly, under fast-track construction management, the cost is not fixed until after construction documents are complete and some construction commitments have already been made. Considerably more of your time and money are at risk in these scenarios.

Step Two

Detailed Design and Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Upon approval of the Step 1 Report, Austin integrates all design, procurement and construction activities to assure total control of the project under a single responsibility agreement. Austin prepares final detailed construction documents and detailed specifications for the project. 
In Step 2, Austin prepares construction documents and executes procurement and construction in an overlapping sequence. This approach results in a sizable reduction in the overall project schedule when compared to alternate approaches. Reducing this schedule means:
  • The facility is in operation faster
  • A reduction of interest on capital
  • A faster return on investment

Additionally, Austin’s procurement of each project component assures that you benefit from the best pricing available in the marketplace.


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